This scent is inspired by the beautiful coastline of where we live. It is made from a combination of citrus fruits and natural mint where when blended gives you a fresh, vibrant and uplifting scent, additionally these melts are infused with Oranged Blossom to give you an extra vibrant burst of citrus. All of our candles are created using the finest luxury fragrances and ingredients, but this one specifically is handcrafted with a world wide and renowned designer scent that is well known in the world of designer scented perfumes. Each block of scent is approximately 6 grams each and you will receive them in a variety of shapes that could be made up of sea shells, hearts, stars, square cubes and so on. These scented blocks can be used in either a wax melt burner or electric warmer device. All of our products are created using the finest luxury fragrances and leave a soft and warm scent throughout the room and home. Your melts will also arrive in a lovely Kraft box which compliments them perfectly and will make the perfect gift.

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About this product

Safety Warning - Please ensure to keep wax melts away from naked flame due to the infused botanicals.