Beeswax Blocks

100% Pure Beeswax Block, each block weighs approximately 30 gms, included is FREE delivery. This Beeswax is filtered and 100% pure, and can be used for a multitude of things around the home such as ~ Filling scratches in wooden flooring Drawer runners - to make them open and shut smoothly Windows - lubricates sashes Doors - To stop squeaks, where you can lubricate hinges Curtain rails - to make them glide Filling worm holes in furniture Crafts and hobbies Sewing thread – to strengthen and waterproof To make wood polish - Simply mix with Olive Oil and it makes a good furniture polish and for using on wooden chopping boards Booking binding thread Moustache Wax This is just a handful of ways in which you can utilise fresh and pure Beeswax blocks. This is for one Beeswax Block, each block weighs approximately 30 grams, including FREE Delivery. The more you purchase the cheaper they get for you, simply add your chosen amount below.

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