Beeswax with a hint of Honeysuckle Candle

Beeswax with a hint of Honeysuckle Candle, with the beautiful and natural scent of the beeswax, intertwined with the serene and floral hints of honeysuckle, both scents are subtle yet distinct, where neither overpowers the other, simply lovely, with no conflicting aroma between the two, they complement each other beautifully. This is the pure scent of the countryside! Lovingly handcrafted in a glass jar so that once the candle has finished burning the jar can be easily cleaned and reused for a different purpose. Available in sizes - • 190 mls (40+ hours) All of our candles are created using the finest luxury fragrances and leave a soft and warm scent throughout the room and home. Made using a 100% natural braided cotton wick. Blended with 25% natural and sustainable coconut wax. Reasons to purchase from Yorkshire Coast Candles - • Vegan Friendly • Environmentally Friendly Candles • Luxury Fragrances • Paraben Free • Reusable Containers • UK Suppliers for all Ingredients • Independent Retailers Utilised • No Colourants Added Taking small steps to be reliable, sustainable and a keen contributor to the UK economy.

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